Wiener Salad Bowl

One more recipe from the Westinghouse Refrigerator recipes care use booklet from 1948. This one just because it just is such a classic retro food horrifying recipe. I am tempted to make it just for the photograph opportunities. It is one of those recipes that the incredibly talented Angelina of Stitch and Boots might think of as like making mud pies.

Boy child expressed horror over this recipe. I may have as well. Notice that in addition to wieners it has a huge amount of pickle and dressing or mayo.

Wiener Salad Bowl

3 cooked wieners, sliced OR
1 cup leftover cooked meat
1 No. 2 can kidney beans
1/3 cup sliced pickles
3/4 cup French dressing or mayonnaise
1 head lettuce, broken in small bits
1/2 large onion sliced.

Skin and slice wieners, or dice leftover meat. Add drained kidney beans, pickles and 1/2 cup French dressing or mayonnaise. Chill. Just before serving, add lettuce and onion, remainder of dressing. Toss thoroughly. Serves 8.


  1. TBH this looks like a German salad they sell in tubs in Lidl currently (means it is sold Europe wide). The mayo makes it stupidly rich but it’s quite normal to serve meats with pickle in salad, isn’t it?

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