Pursuit of Happiness

This week BlogHer asked me “What are your favorite resources for increasing and sustaining happiness?” I want to say right away that the main post on BlogHer is SO worth the read this week– Five Steps to Lasting Joy. Read it. I may just have to add it to my favorite ways to sustaining happiness. It’s that good. I’ll be heading over there to comment. I hope you will too.

Increasing and sustaining happiness. Wow. Here are my go-to ways:

  1. The Bible. There’s a bible verse for every woe and an overarching message that brings happiness and peace.
  2. Spend time with the kids just talking to them or hanging out with them–not “parenting” them which can be a huge decrease in happiness when you are busy wrangling the daily stuff: homework, friends, school, behavior, dinner, chores, etc. Just spending that one on one time with them chatting about non mommy/child thing is a big fun thing to do. I like to do this as much as possible. (Yay for the Google Talk!)
  3. Pets! A minute or two with the prairie dogs and their ever constant antics is fun. They love me no matter what and are more than happy to let me pet them.
  4. Louise Hay. Her Daily Affirmations link is in my bookmarks toolbar so I remember to look at it daily. I also have her calendar in our bathroom. I like to put the affirmations in my status update for gtalk/aim just to remind me all day. (and hopefully make someone else smile.)
  5. Flirt with my partner. It doesn’t always get the reaction I’d like,  but it is fun.
  6. When all else fails, time for a hair cut.
  7. I try to avoid ruminating on something over and over again. If I get really grouchy, confused, or hurt by an email, I sit on it at least overnight to keep from digging into anger and unhappiness. Usually that time gives me perspective and I don’t dig into a flinging match of hurt. It took me a long time to figure this out. As a professional online community moderator, I must have doled out “Don’t read tone into the message” on message boards advice a million times. Then I would get an email and I would “hear” a tone that made the words rearrange into things that really may not have been the intent. Stop reading tone. Read the words. It works. Really.
  8. A bit of music. I am not really a music listener outside the car–except on bad days. (or if reminded of a song by something I read) I pretty much have a bad day perk you up playlist.
  9. Bath. Shower. Bath. Shower. This actually is my first line of stress relief. My dry skin issues may attest to stress levels. 😉
  10. Do something for someone else. Complimenting a woman on her shoes in the line at Starbucks, listening to a friend having a rough time, finding the perfect answer for a request at work–those ratchet up the happiness.

What are your ways of increasing and sustaining happiness? I always need more ideas. I get into a funk sometimes.


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  1. Fantastic list!

  2. Thanks! I liked your ideas too.

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