Cider in Paradise

Imagine sitting outside a house in a tropical paradise; Kailua, Hawaii to be exact. You’ve got a cold, refreshing drink in your hand.

You open it and immediately the smell of apples surrounds you. Perfect! A new baby that caused his mother apple cravings rocks gently in her arms in the house. But, apples in paradise?

Yes. As part of the BlogHer review program, we were sipping the new Michelob ULTRA Light Apple Cider. (Visit the sponsor’s site!) Cider in summer at all seems odd. Cider in Hawaii seems even more far-fetched. Shouldn’t you have a fruity tropical drink? Not a heavy, wintery hard cider?

Well, those fruity tropical drinks pack in the calories. Michelob ULTRA Light Apple Cider not only has fewer calories than your favorite mixed drink, it has 1/3 fewer calories than traditional hard ciders. The calories are cut with all natural sweeteners that don’t cause my chemical sensitive body to cringe and don’t leave an aftertaste either. The Michelob ULTRA Light Apple Cider doesn’t come across as too sweet either.

Not only light in calories, the cider is light in taste and doesn’t feel heavy like a traditional hard cider. Perfect for warm, sunny days! It is more like an apple wine spritzer for lack of a better description. It does have quite a bit of fizz and sparkles nicely. The apple flavor is clear, crisp, and not overwhelming.

I can easily see it as a substitute for wine or champagne. It definitely had the chops to toast a new baby–even though his mom couldn’t partake and neither could he, of course. Michelob ULTRA Light Cider seems perfect for a refreshing, light beverage in paradise or when just daydreaming you were in paradise.

Be sure to visit the Michelob ULTRA Light Cider page on too.

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