More Graduation

Sorry if you thought this was a food blog. I just shoved a frozen dinner at my mother. I did zap it first. That’s the nitty gritty of food around here today. Oh I did make chorizo/egg burrito things the other day. Those were good. As was the chicken breast…ANYHOW…more graduation. Back to our regularly scheduled food blogging and less mommy blogging soon. I swear.

Youngest graduated from middle school today. To say that seemed improbable ignores the fact that she IS my brilliant child. Really. She even got invited to a STEM thing for girls.

She’s my oddly balanced child.

The “normal one.” The one who behaves outrageously, corrects a teacher on the pronunciation of “Harvard” and gets away with it. The one who loves the circus and scrambles up silks/trees/ropes like a pro. The one who will hang out with her grandmother for hours. The one who cooks strange experimental things. (No recipes for her!)

She breaks the rules, makes you laugh, and indeed can make you cry. What do you do with a problem like Elizabethhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? I am sure that is the song. She’s wild and beautiful. Cute, cuddly, and deadly. She’s fierce with her words and her love and is just as fiercely loved back. You can’t help it.

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