On Graduation-Joseph

I have started and stopped this post in my head and actually on the screen so many times. Those of you who have seen me write wouldn’t believe it. Ha, my Love Song in a Foreign Language flowed out faster than this post.

So, just a note for Joseph-


You graduated high school today. You know that. You know the ceremony trended short, despite the poor graduation band’s endless work. You know I watched and saw. You even know that I thought “Lion King? Really?”

You also know without a doubt that you had a family watching that loves you. Look Joseph! It’s Graduation! In a BASKETBALL arena. 😉

But did you know that on this day you were the most incredible boy to walk across the stage? Did you know that I realized that it was work for you to graduate? Do you yet realize how far you’ve grown from that gentle boy into a young man? I know you cherry-picked and “smoothed” for storyline your English project. But, you saw something else perhaps–not in all the corners–in some: you are YOU. Joseph. The same Joseph that made his way into this world on Thanksgiving Day, just over eighteen years ago.

And I, before anyone else, got the pleasure of being your mother. That makes me the luckiest. The world will get more and more of you-even more than it does now. You’ll always be my beautiful son though, the one who makes me proud with the quirks, the sensitivity, the owning of your faults, and yes, sometimes with some work–even if you deny it.

Thank you. You know I don’t generically say I am proud of my kids-you have to do something. But, today I’ll admit the ruse to you: I am not proud of every little thing you have done. I am proud of you, consistently amazed by you, and totally entranced by you. My son. I am so lucky. I love you more than I would ever find the words. Welcome to the spinning world.

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