Grandson and Hawaii

Sorry, no recipe today but maybe some food descriptions.

You see I am here visiting the wee new (ONE WEEK OLD TODAY) grandbaby. He is beautiful and wonderful and pretty darn mesmerizing. He likes me. He liked my experiment with the baby sling. (which is good because despite the fact that I really got tired of the sling after year two of baby in the sling–I miss it. A lot. It was one of my favorite baby Elizabeth things.)

We’ve had–Portuguese Bakery for breakfast. Meh sandwiches for lunch. It is too bad that Johnny Mac Pippin was too hot for us to grab these really fantastic looking sandwiches from the farmers market. (Maybe a farmers market? It looked like one–but no sign) I suspect they would have been tasty. Tonight for dinner-Indian carry out that didn’t stint on the spices. Pippin’s daddy made a pistachio crusted chicken last night.

A lot of breastmilk has been consumed by Johnny Mac Pippin. He is a pro nurser…and his mom can already breastfeed while walking.

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