Open Face Hawaiian Ham

Johnny Mac Pippin came home today. Everyone is very excited–especially the grandmas.  I look at pictures all the time and soak up every word of his days I can get.

Apparently there was discussion about the time I was headed to bed about dinner. (for his parents and Granny Smith-not him. He’s rocking the breast milk.)  His Granny Smith apparently SHOULD have been making casseroles and food for after the baby.

Johnny Mac Pippin made his entrance into the world in Hawaii.

In honor of Hawaii, another recipe from the 1952 Merita Bread Sandwiches and Dessert Cookbook. Don’t ask me about the shoestring potatoes–they vanished after the ingredient list.

Open-Face Hawaiian Ham

16 slices Merita Thin-Sliced Bread
1/2 cup butter or margarine
1/2 lb. cold boiled ham
1/2 lb. Sliced American Cheese
8 slices pineapple
Currant Jelly
Shoestring Potatoes
Stuffed Olives

Toast 8 slices bread on one side under the broiler, spread with butter or margarine. Place a slice of ham on it; then slice of cheese. Broil until cheese melts. Top with sauteed pineapple slice (cook in a skillet with a little butter, sprinkled with sugar) and fill center with jelly. Broil until cheese is lightly browned. Serve with triangles of buttered toast at each side of the open-face sandwich as illustrated below. Garnish with stuffed olives. Serves 8.

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