A very late in the evening mother’s day post

Late in the evening of Mother’s Day–I wish all the mother’s out there a happy mother’s day. I want to particularly say happy mother’s day to…
The other mothers who’ve helped me raise my incredible children (our kids have a wealth of mothers!)
The little kid’s grandmother and great-grandmother on their father’s side
The mother who trusted me with her three children and let me make them my own
Her mother-That’s one really wonderful daughter you raised.
That oldest child about to be a mother and make me a grandmother!
Especially my mom–she taught me to cook, to love, traditions and way too much more for me to say.

My mother’s day: I’ve gotten three lovely gifts from my little children. (a first! All three! Gifts they put their own work into and heart into)
Mama took us to dinner at the Armenian place.
We watched the Survivor finale.
I spent way too many minutes at the Minute Clinic–but I now have medicine that seems to be helping. (cross your fingers!) Nasty sinus infection that I just can’t ignore anymore and hope it goes away on its own. I always try that first. Sometimes way longer than I should…like this time.

I hope your day was wonderful…mother or not.

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