Impromptu Picnic Anyone?

I love the art work that goes with these recipes. Little Suzy:  “Daddy! Could you just move your legs so I don’t have to dive over you to get my sandwich?”  And of course, Mom is kneeling in the grass with her slight heels and skirt. She’s not even got a blanket to keep her from having grass stains on the skirt.  Daddy and Junior are digging in to mom’s impromptu picnic offerings naturally.

Be sure to click to see the original sized image. Truly worth it.

As for the recipes? I prefer my deviled ham with just a bit of mustard and maybe some mayo. No celery. I will repeat though that deviled ham is a nice addition to your favorite egg salad recipe.

Chili-chopped egg spread? Revolting. I loathe chili sauce and combining it with Miracle Whip (code word: salad dressing), green peppers and hard boiled eggs does not improve matters.

Carrot-nut spread–I actually don’t mind this one much, though it isn’t my favorite. 1 cup ground carrots and 1/3 cup peanuts–whip together in your food processor or blender with some mayonnaise.

From Merita Sandwich and Dessert Book, Bruce Dunbar, 1952

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