Garden Sandwich

Now isn’t this a pretty sandwich for spring? Think of the rainbow of color on your plate.





You want it don’t you? Well here are the details. Do take note the vegetable options aren’t fully listed in the ingredients. I personally would go with the carrots, green pepper, radishes and cucumber. Also, I would shred the radishes and carrots rather than chop.








Garden Sandwich

8 slices of bread
Butter or margarine
1/3 cup chopped green peppers or nut meats
1 lb creamed cottage cheese
Sliced peaches

Spread slices of bread with soft butter or margarine. Chop desired raw vegetables separately–carrots, green pepper, radishes, cucumber, celery, roasted peanuts, etc. Place on waxed paper. Dip bread into vegetable; cut in triangles. Place cottage cheese in lettuce cup on plate; garnish with peach slices. Arrange 4 open-face sandwiches on each plate as illustrated. Serves 4.

From Merita Sandwich and Dessert Book, Bruce Dunbar, 1952

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