Happy Sock Day-Info (No Graphic)

Happy Sock Day!

Retro-Food turns 6
It has 1,149 posts

Other notable numbers:
Actual pairs of socks knitted: 1
Quilts sewn: 3
Houses we’ve called home together: 3
Gardenias: 3
Children we’ve together: 6
Grandbabies on the way: 1

And of course, the big number: 11 years since I said I did not like socks and Denise said “I love you.”

That’s not really the big number though. So many more exist but I don’t count well or failed to count. (Grand plans, kisses, concerts, trips, miles driven, times I’ve watched Denise brush her hair)

Then again, maybe it is the big number. Eleven years since an “I love you” that caused our world to change. Eleven years since I built that first website to show Denise that I could and didn’t need her help. Eleven years of showing again and again that I can do anything I decide to do.

More than that, it marks a birth day, not just of a skill I’d grow to love, but of a relationship. The relationship goes deeper than an “I love you.” and goes further than we ever imagined.

And my breath still catches when I really hear Denise say “I love you.” I still want to surprise her. I still want to delight her. I still love to listen to the sound of her heart beat, her breath, her voice, her laugh.

Happy Sock Day my love.


  1. That is the sweetest thing I read all week! Happy sock day Denise and TW 🙂

  2. I’m glad there is no graphic. 😉

  3. happy sock day!!

  4. What a lovely post. But I *STILL* have no idea what sock day is. Regardless, I’d eat baked socks…at least one bite.

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