Insanely Easy Pesto Pearl Couscous

I love pearl couscous. Easy, peasy. I even cheat and make it in the rice steamer. This was a spur of the moment side dish salad.

Cook 2 cups pearl couscous. (I used Bob’s Red Mill. ) Stir in 1 container of the new Pesto Philadelphia Cooking Creme. Then add your favorite salad vegetables. Yesterday this meant just a can of black olives. I intended on adding tomatoes, but they’d gone bad. I also considered adding a can of chick peas (skipped it), parsley (out…hmm), carrots (lazy), mushrooms, (out!). In any case, it turned out well and was an excellent use of the new pesto cooking cream stuff. Beware: the cooking cream is a brownish color, so when you open it you may think it has gone “off” if you don’t look carefully at the picture on the front of the container.


  1. Bet it goes good with falafel.

  2. What a great coincidence, I’ve just recently picked up a big bag of Pearl Couscous, even though I’ve never had this size. I LOVE couscous, so I am dying to try it soon. I am also very glad to finally hear someone say they like it. Thank you!

    I am glad I stopped in to visit (per Denise’s recommendation, because I, too, love to cook!)


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