Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

I confess, I picked Diary of a Mad Fat Girl up off the “New” shelf at the library. The title rang a bell. I wasn’t sure which one. SOMEONE giggled. That someone underestimated my love for things southern. Or she should have read the book. You should too. Unless…

Unless what? This book isn’t for you if you must read “serious literary fiction.” This book isn’t for you if you turn pale reading slang and the occasional cuss word. This book isn’t for you if you have never made a mistake or been hard-headed in your life. This book isn’t for you if you hate food and the South. This book is especially not for you if you never have tried to fix someone else’s life. (while your own life isn’t a shining example of perfection.)

Oh wait, you do like a light read with real people? (of course you do! You read my blog!) You aren’t squeamish? You need to head to Bugtussle in Diary of a Mad Fat Girl then. It’s the perfect book for an airplane, a beach, for lifting you up after a long day at work. Grab yourself some sweet tea and this book! It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cringe. It will make you wish you had friends half as interesting or glad your friends aren’t quite THAT interesting. Ace, Chloe, Lilly, Mason, Ethan Allen, and the amazing Gloria Peacock all make for a unforgettable group of friends and stories.

I hope for a follow up soon. Plenty of stories wait to be told about Bugtussle! I am sure I can see all of Ace’s friends and neighbors sitting, telling their stories down at Ethan Allen’s bar.


This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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