Political Family Time

I need to find out when the conventions are this year and debate schedules. Why? So that I can work out planning for time with the children. What? Yes, time with the children. The last election cycle, boy child watched speeches and debates with me. We had a fabulous time. I know. You may not get it.

You see: we are hecklers and observers. Yes, he knows we don’t heckle in person. We also equally heckle all parties and candidates. Debates and convention speeches became an event. We analyzed the mannerisms, the behavior, the repeated phrases and whether the candidate answered the questions asked. We discussed the audience. We discussed the media analysis.

This year I hope the 16-year-old takes an interest and the 13-year-old as well.

Now to plot politically perfect snacks-snacks always help lure the children to important tv viewing. Hummus definitely will fit the bill if Obama continues to say the word “smash” like a verbal tic and it suits foreign policy debates and speeches as well. Pigs in a blanket for pork barrel spending? Chicken wings for a chicken in every pot? Ideas are welcome!

The 18-year-old is old enough to vote this time around. I rather want to video record him going into the polls or take a picture as he leaves home. It’s a momentous event and to be celebrated!

How do you involve your children in the political process?


  1. Since Charlie is only almost 7 years old he hsan’t been involved in the political process too much yet. He has gone with us to vote and we’ve explained what voting is trying to keep it on his level.

    Although he liked to gave me a heart attack at the last presidential election! We had the new electronic voting booths and being almost 4 years old he tried to start pushing buttons willy-nilly. I liked to killed him on the spot.

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