Just in Case You Were Curious

Here is what our family will have for Thanksgiving more or less:
Turkey (shocking I know!) I just cook it buttered with some salt.

Green Bean Casserole (my feelings on such here: Five Least Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes )

Boring cranberry sauce

Crescent Rolls

Cranberry Orange Relish

Cranberry Orange Bread (maybe)

Red Hot Jello

Stuffing (boring normal stuffing)

Candied sweet potatoes with marshmallows

Perhaps Surprisingly Good Salad

Old Witch Cake

Pumpkin Pie (with nutmeg)

Same thing, every year. I would adventure, but my family prefers the standbys “normal Thanksgiving”


Now a bigger question: when is Thanksgiving to be celebrated at the Flamingo House? I have a boy child who turns 18 this month the day after Thanksgiving and he is in Japan until Thanksgiving Day. It doesn’t look like I will actually see him until the Monday after. Hmm. Celebrate without him the weekend before? Celebrate short three kids on Thanksgiving Day? Celebrate on a Monday night after a school/work day? Skip it and wait for Christmas? Decisions, decisions. I suppose I need to make them now before he is on another continent.


  1. I can’t stand green bean casserole myself. The problem I have is that usually it’s just 4 of us for Thanksgiving dinner and finding a turkey that is 10 pounds or less take a miracle!

  2. I would go with Saturday the 3rd. Will that work? Also, where is the Waldorf salad?

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