#BHBC Takes a Tug at Love at First Bark

I recently read Love at First Bark as part of the BlogHer Book Club. I am a sucker for dogs. I have nagged for a dog for years. Yes, we have three prairie dogs. We have my mother’s dog. (ick a fake pet store dog who is small, yappy, annoying, and doesn’t even wag his tail) But, I don’t have a dog. (currently)

I grew up with a rescue dog–Ginger, who died three days before I got married. (possibly the best dog ever) We had Maggie, a St. Bernard (or maybe the best dog ever; except the fur, and her habit of pulling me down ice slickened hills.) I found in a shelter in Wisconsin. She was such a mess I thought she was much older. We had a roaming soul of a dog named Mikey at one point.We had Jake and Chanel–rescues of a sort.

Throw me at petfinder and I will find a dog I want to give a home. Keep me out of animal shelters–I am hopeless at hardening my heart to dogs. Even cats and rabbits at shelters have found their way into our lives. The pet store where the prairie dogs found us now has shelter dogs instead of well–pet store dogs. I am not certain we would have walked out the door with a prairie dog if they had done that when we were “looking for a rat.”

So, here I am a sucker for dogs and I am reading a dog book. I expected to want to head to the nearest shelter and beg for a dog. (not a puppy-I really dislike puppies) It didn’t stir that in me. I can’t figure that out, but it was just as well. Last week, one of those passed around posts on Facebook had me horrified and wanting to rescue dogs.

It did give an interesting insight into Klam’s family life and structure. It made me very glad that I don’t live in an apartment in NYC with a dog.

Check out and join the discussion over at BlogHer about Love at First Bark (and the dogs who we love(d))

I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. You should have a dog. I have one curled up next to me right now. It keeps the heating bills low.

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