Too Busy for Recipes?

Does anyone else get too busy for recipes? How often do you fly by the seat of your pantry to make dinner? Lately I have been so incredibly busy or I have staggered dinner times going on, so I don’t really plan that ok–everything on the table at 6 pm thing.

Last night, I made quinoa with pesto, feta and olives. It was delicious. Before I walked into the kitchen I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to make. I grabbed some leftover homemade pesto out of the fridge. I grabbed some quinoa out of the cabinet. Then snagged the half container of feta, a can of olives and the partial jar of olives out of the fridge.

Pesto and quinoa went into the rice steamer with some water. The beep sounded and I drained the olives and stirred them into the quinoa as well as the feta. It turned out to be a perfectly lovely and satisfying dinner.

What do you do when you are too busy for a recipe? Is it just taco/burger/pasta or take out?


  1. Order Jimmmy Johns

  2. Some nights we have Scrounge Night which is leftovers and/or fend for yourself. Others we order pizza or dig out frozen pizzes or something similar. HEB has frozen pre-cooked hamburger patties, chicken breasts, etc that I save for nights like that. They are actually pretty good. I’ve also done spaghetti on the fly.

  3. We live very near a large Tesco superstore, so it’s either grab some fresh things from the deli and a carton of soup on the way home, or use a freezer/cupboard standby such as jacket potato and tuna or pasta with veg (I keep a lot of veg etc’ and some jarred sauces for pasta, easy dinners!).

  4. Charlotte says:

    I lost my sanity a year or so ago and went back to school, so..this is a hot topic for me. For some reason..everybody around here still thinks they should get dinner! Who knew??!

    For just such as an occasion as this, when I am cooking, especially stews or meatloaf or something–I make extra and freeze it. Thats saved my tail a few times. The crockpot is becoming my best friend (any recipes? I’m always up for a new one)–last gem that came out of there was corned beef and cabbage. I have a quick mac and cheese I can throw together fairly fast–still homemade, just easy.

    My lastest endeavor involves taking rice noodles; dump them in boiling water to soften–drain..and add a flavoring package–a Thai..or..whatever. The packet in a Top Ramen package works well. We’re working on eliminating low quality white flour so..the noodles get tossed.

    One thing I have going, a sort of work in progress is–when I do cook–putting aside packets in the freezer or cabinet, or fridge, with ready to use ingredients, like..chopped onion, or seasoning combinations–then list them so I can keep track. School..STILL makes you BROKE! Imagine that! out is rare anymore. I need all the help I can get to keep it at home and on the table in time.

  5. Are you kidding TW? I fly by the seat of my pantry all the time….it’s rare that I even make a real meal anymore. But I’m not nearly as busy as you. What’s my excuse…..laziness. Your quinoa with pesto and feta and olives sounds really good to me.

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