Happy National Curry Week!

In honor of curry week–a few oldies from Retro-Food that include curry in some form or another. Be forewarned–these are “American” curries–with doubtful relationship to any culture that used curry “back in the day.” This means the oft derided curry powder features in these recipes. Don’t worry–they are delicious.

East Meets West Vegetarian Meatballs
-a breakout hit

Curried Fake Chicken Salad– a household favorite-you can substitute real chicken if you want

Quick Curried Eggs and Peas

Curried Eggs I like these…unfortunately no one else is a big fan.

Luau Tuna Salad I suspect we will have this for dinner to celebrate Curry Week. We have the ingredients on hand.

“It” A snack mix if you prefer your curry in munchy form.



  1. Yum. I love curry but sadly no one else in my family does.

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