On the Day You were Born

No, that isn’t right. I can’t start that the way I read the kids their book. But this is on the day you were born, your birthday.

You’ve held out for your replacement phone, waiting and struggling with the diminishing battery life and periodic black screen of doom. As a last bit of magic, Steve produced one that you can order today on your birthday, even if he isn’t around to celebrate it and wasn’t able to announce it. I am sure if he knew you, he would’ve been excited it was available on your birthday, would have celebrated with you. Why? Well, he loved beautiful things. You are certainly that. You also are minimalist. You even love a good font and simple design. Ah well, enough speculating on how much Steve would love you.

You are thrifty and this is the year you got serious with the coupons. It has been fun to watch you dive into it, learn it, focus on it…even if it drives me a little batty sometimes. You’ve been gone for just over a week which seems like forever each day. A decade ago it was the norm to not see you for so long, but we spent hours on the phone and icq. Now we are busier, spinning more plates, and well, not as good at being apart and together. I can’t wait for you to come home. (and no, not just because you do the dishes and laundry) I miss your breathing. I miss riding in the car with you. I miss your grumbling about the bird and the dog. I miss the snip of your scissors, the tap of your keyboard. I miss you most at night I think.

I bought you a girl, or part of one. No flowers seemed right to send you. I had grand plans to finish your quilt and do another project for you. I made some progress on your other project over the weekend. I could send you a picture. I thought about posting it, but only a few people would understand it. You will though. A Tarrant Grand Plan, with lots of noise and mess thrown in.

Mostly what I want to say on your birthday is that I love you, am in love with you and want to be with you even on the not fun days…but plan on this being your most fabulous year ever.

Happy birthday my love.


  1. The title scared me and sort of creeped me out for a minute, heh. The rest though was perfectly marshmallowy.

    I’ve always wanted a girl for my birthday.

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