Turkey Off-Season

Since last spring, I have been on the lookout for a turkey at the commissary. You see I got a Turkey Seasoning Injection thing at BlogHer Food. It has sat in the stockpile room mocking my shopping habits. No, I couldn’t go to the poultry place across the street that has turkey year round. Yes, the poultry place intrigues me. A butcher! Just for poultry! Literally, blocks from our house…across the street from our neighborhood, but it seems so…special, imposing, like I need to know the secret handshake to get in. I also feared it being expensive.

Still, every week I looked. They had a HUGE frozen turkey with no price tag for months. Not what I was looking for at all. This week though…they had fresh turkeys. Yay! So, the turkey awaited. Didn’t work for Monday or Tuesday dinner. What is it with these four kids and their crazy schedules?!?! So today, not looking much better seemed like THE DAY. Otherwise, I would have to wait and do it Friday and even turkey wouldn’t get the kids from complaining that it was pizza night. (We order pizza every other week from this lovely local place.)
I threw it into a pan this morning, seasoned, and put it back into the fridge. I made slaw and cucumber salad to go with. I pulled the turkey out at 1 and stuck it into the oven. The smell of turkey roasting all afternoon kept me company as I worked.

I went to pick up the kids. I got home. I made stuffing. The turkey was ready. I carved it up. I pulled the salads out. I threw the bones and an onion into the crockpot for stock.

I served turkey. Off-season. On a school day. It wasn’t any harder than any other thing I make for dinner on a school night really. But it made an impression.

And…the vegetarian child…ate it. Secretly. But she ate it and liked it.

In the meantime, a non-holiday turkey makes it seem like a holiday. Not just a breast or cutlet or tenderloin–but a real turkey. It was fun, at least for me.


  1. My mom always bought extra turkeys when they were on sale cheap during the holidays. She froze them and then served up turkey sporadically during the year. You’re right – having turkey on a non-holiday makes it seem special!

  2. I want turkey now. Thanks for that.

  3. My mouth is watering. Turkey dinner is my favorite. I often request it for my birthday, but we do it the easy way with a frozen breast. We’ve been promised a neighborhood-grown turkey for the holidays this year, so @jugglegeek will need to learn how to cook one!

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