Slow Love Healing

BlogHer Book Club Reviewer  Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put on My Pajamas, and Found Happiness by Dominique Browning took me a while to read. It’s not a long book. It’s just a book that you can’t sit down and read in one sitting.
My initial reaction to the prologue and first chapter was “Oh! I know people who need to read this book. I should buzz them and let them know.” As I journeyed through the book, that faded.
This book wandered from her losing her job, making decisions from that point to ruminating over a long-standing, thoroughly ridiculous relationship. Her relationship with “Stroller” seemed to crop up all over the place. Dominique Browning had smarts but relationship smarts? Not so much.
Of course, backseat driving a relationship either of someone you know or someone in a book proves all too easy. As a person in a relationship, you don’t have all the “backstory” or the omniscience that hindsight gives you. That said, the brooding got to me in this book. I am not a brooder by nature and tend to think “I made mistakes. The other person made mistakes. My life became richer for the experience. Time to move on.” Dominique Browning took the slow way, more analysis of herself, more time brooding–and who is to say whether reading the book might just have made me richer for her experience? That tends to happen.
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