Wait a Minute Wasa!

Back in the 70s it seemed popular for women of a certain age (mothers!) to go on a diet and buy a box of Wasa. I am not sure of the reasoning, but it seemed a fixture in various houses, despite the fact that I would hear the mother’s complain about the cardboard taste as they had their kaffeeklatsch.

I certainly tried them more than once. I even remember buying them at one point as an adult after some women’s magazine suggested them for a lose 50 lbs by next week type of diet. Hmm…interesting but still cardboard.

When I saw them at BlogHer Food this year, I was surprised. Not as surprised as I was after I gave them a try and wait a minute…these weren’t the gritty, cardboard things of my childhood. Instead, these were a perfect palate for all sorts of yumminess with a side of healthiness thrown in. Whole grains without whole grain pain!

I am particularly fond of the Rosemary Flatbreads. Why? I can just spread a bit of herb goat cheese on top for lunch. Or I can just grab any cheese. At BlogHer, I visited them in the Daisy Suite and had a great flatbread with tomato, cucumber, and cottage cheese. I also have tossed leftover sliced veggies from the night before on some for lunch the next day.

Unfortunately for me, the rest of the family has discovered the versatility of the Wasa crispbreads and every time I head to grab them–another box has vanished.

Luckily, Wasa sent me a gift pack of them to try and review. No compensation other than the super yummy taste of all three of the flatbreads.

You can win your own gift pack by submitting your favorite Wasa Snackspiration, print a growing coupon (for every person who “likes” their Facebook page, the coupon value gets higher, or get some fun snack ideas for yourself on their Facebook Page. Go on, print a coupon, give them a try. Enter to win with your Snackspiration or vote on others. These aren’t your mother’s Wasa.

Once you do, come back and tell me what you think (and of course, I would love to hear your retro Wasa stories too!)

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