My Birthday

My birthday month has begun! Yes, my birthday is in just 30 days. Due to the supreme value of being an August woman—that means I get to start celebrating now.

It’s true! August women get to celebrate all month long.

In any case, today the celebrating starts with ummm work! Yay! I have two jobs that I love. I have one of my August child daughters coming to town tomorrow. It’s the one that shares a birthday with me.

I know though–you are puzzling over a gift for me! 😉 I mean I have such an abundant life, it is hard. But just in case you feel you need a list, in no particular order and of course, no expectation.

Vitamix-healthy and fun in the kitchen

New Wardrobe-with consultation. Yes. I need someone to pick out clothes for me. I need everything from undergarments on up. Musts: comfortable, able to stand up to rough wear and tear, easy to put on and mix and match. Bonus: flattering. Yes, in August, my vanity shows more than usual.

Speaking of vanity (and health):  a ClearChoice Smile. Out of my budget, but I keep peering at their ads and info.

1 gallon glass jars, cheesecloth

A keyboard cover and skin for the IdeaPad (v570)

Not to cook for a month or a week–with nice, fresh, healthy meals available to all in the family.

Some nifty poetry zines or old, old cookbooks/cookbooklets

Some perfect bit I haven’t thought of yet.


Ok, those are the material daydreams, which are entirely unimportant

To have a wonderful time at BlogHer 11. You are part of that one if you are going.

Come Talk to Me at BlogHer '11!

Really. I mean it. I want to talk to YOU! (and introduce yourself again even if you have done it every year–or introduce yourself even if you are sure I will have no idea who you are…I might not…but it doesn’t mean I won’t want to know you. (unless of course you start with “You won’t ever have heard of me or my blog.” That drives me batty: it does not matter. I want to hear about you and your blog or I wouldn’t be there.)

Don’t worry:

I'm Going to Sparkle at BlogHer '11!



To have a year of healthy, happy, and safe family members

To have many good conversations with my kids, my mother, and my love

To get a real hug from each of the kids still at home

To remember to spend some time looking at the beauty and love that surrounds me every day

To remember that cooking is my love song.


  1. Ah, happy birthday month to you! I am August 30th–a great month to be born. Wish I could join you all at BlogHer but I tapped out my conference fund in Atlanta.

  2. lol you’re a nut. xo

  3. I know I am, but you love me for it.

  4. Angela-That’s my birthday too. (and one of my daughters birthday) I am sorry you won’t be able to join us in San Diego!

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