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If you want to know what happens in a book, my reviews won’t help much. You will get a snippet about the book, but more than that you get a story. Those stories tell the story of how the book fits in my life, what feelings it evokes, where my mind wanders. The New York Times might not knock on my door for literary analysis.

I suspect that you prefer that sort of review. It’s the sort of review that your best friend gives when she says “You must read this book!” or “Ugh–that book! You remember that book we read a few years ago and it was ok, but not great…this one is the same topic but WORSE!” At least that’s the sort of book review I like to read on the Internet, one that feels like a friend talking about the book.

All of this is a lead up to a teaser of course for my review: Harry Potter and The Discovery of Witches which you will find over on the Blogher Book Club.


  1. Discovery of Witches was my first download to my Kindle back in February. I loved it. Very satisfying read. I hope Deb Harkness publises more soon.

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