Getting to Happy

Well, I am getting to happy after a rough start to the week.

A super surprise visit from Oldest Child who lives in Hawaii–she got re-routed through O’Hare, long enough for her to come down to baggage claim for her moms to hug her and tell her she is beautiful and loved.

My older sister is on her way here (first time ever to my own household!) and will head to Indiana tomorrow for the funeral. (not happy) All and all–I feel good about her coming. She will see Mama for the first time since I fetched her to our house. Sister will see firsthand how well Mama is doing. Of course, getting to see my sister is pretty neat too, even if in sad circumstances.

In other news, while we had a huge storm that may or may not have been a tornado while it went through town, our house survived it. The trees didn’t fare so well.

We were actually out driving during the storm-accidentally. “Severe Thunderstorm Watch/Warning” is pretty much constant around here and we had to take the girls to their other house after dinner. The good part about driving–we weren’t parked in the driveway where a tree would have fallen and smashed our car. The bad part–finding a safe place to pull over on a tree-lined street with trees falling all over. We ended up in a community center parking lot. We also have a super landlord who came over last night to look at the damage and started clearing trees today.

We didn’t lose power like 400,000 + customers in our area, including every major intersection traffic signal between here and Chicago it seemed, today. Yes, we have major intersections still without power almost 24 hours later. Think major CHICAGO-type intersections without power. Yeah–driving today is dangerous. But, again we were blessed with a safe trip to and from the airport to see girl child.

I am also blessed with co-workers who went over and beyond to make sure I was covered and more, for the surprise family visits. I am also blessed with friends (including all of you on Facebook, Twitter, and here) who took the time to wish me well and express their condolences.

Speaking of Getting to Happy…I just reviewed it for the Blogher Book Club. Go read my review “Getting to Happy with Getting to Happy“…it is much shorter than the post I just made here.

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