Well, I went to make one tiny change to my blog tonight and foolishly didn’t save my code beforehand. This created a need for a fast change to a new template rather than try to figure out what went wrong. This is the result. I have a few more tweaks to make and the retro lady will be back. But it is nearing midnight and we leave in the morning for our journey south–so how about just a surprise salad recipe card? (and a new yet somewhat familiar old look if you have read my blog for a long time. The new template has a hybrid added in from my first template)


  1. Hi! I came over from Mir’s blog, you caught my attention because I love looking at old cookbooks too. I just want to know, have you perused the wonders of James Lileks’ Gallery of Regrettable Food? Funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Except for maybe Wendy McClure’s “The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan”, which is a little book of old Weight Watchers’ recipe cards.

  2. Welcome!

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