Main Dish Salads

Teen girl doesn’t quite understand the joy of horrifying food photography. She also doesn’t understand that the tempting pictures she sees on say…Epicurious are the stomach turning pictures of the future.

She also hasn’t ever lived in a time where these were tempting and the “fancy food” that we wished our mothers or grandmothers might tempt our stomachs with instead of liver and onions or beef stroganoff or pea soup. Ok, the tomato cup with chicken salad seemed to be the ultimate in grown up food. I may have rolled my eyes like my daughter at the ham mouse or macaroni salmon salad. I didn’t like bean salads as a child (and really don’t delight in most as adults) Macaroni-Salmon Salad and Hot Tuna Salad would have never happened. My father didn’t eat meat that didn’t oink or moo. My mother had an aversion to tuna and we would only rarely have tuna in any form. No matter what, I would have eaten what was served or at least enough of it to escape the notice of my parents.

So here is one of the pictures she found particularly horrifying in the Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook, 1961. I don’t know…the ham mousse might be worth trying. Which would you try? Or are you running to some pretty modern pictures of food?


  1. Julia Schrenkler says:

    You know, I clicked through to this without thinking. Figured the time/season was about right for main dish salads. Forgot about the “salads” of my youth. Saw these and others at many a church shindig.

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