Too much cooking…and sprouts

We like many people have tightened our belts quite a bit and aren’t eating out as much–or really at all. I hadn’t noticed that we ate out or ordered in so much because we really didn’t that often–maybe once a week ordered in/grabbed something from a local sandwich shop and went out once on the weekend. (not counting our post grocery smoothie stop or 3x weekly coffee trips)

After cutting back, I have noticed though and I feel burned out. The lack of menus and cooking with what is on hand seems simple enough and no one has complained. Except me. I dread dinner. I hate it. Sure, there is plenty on hand to eat-more than ever before with the stockpile. I just am not motivated by anything other than the revelation that nothing will save me from fixing dinner. So, the clock turns, I go in the kitchen I select from the abundance of food and serve it day after day. Please tell me someone else gets tired of cooking!

We did make the Chocolate Caramel Covered Matzoh over the weekend. We also made Peep Pops. (ok girl child did the heavy lifting when it came to peep pops–but I made the prettiest one I swear!)

I made the ham ball (or in this case egg) to go with a post on BlogHer last week: Hamming it Up. You should go read it! I tell an embarrassing but funny story about a ham disaster and share a Ham Ball recipe that I shared here years ago–but this time it has A PICTURE. What? You know you want to see a picture of a 50s cream cheese “frosted” ham ball. Go look and sparkle. It’s worth it–I swear!

My Women in the Kitchen post was also syndicated on BlogHer. (YAY!) Go give it some love and a sparkle or two.

In other news, girl child broke out her sprout kit over the weekend and we now have a ton of lentil sprouts, some other kind of sprout, and “salad mix” sprouts. Do you have any good ideas for using sprouts?


  1. TW…I think you know I hardly cook at all anymore. It’s pathetic, but I just don’t have the desire to cook for myself anymore…never really did. I’ve really gotten away from ‘meal-making’ even when my kids are in town. Lots of times they like to make things…and that’s okay by me.

    I did make Easter dinner this year….and that was great; but I was up and about in the kitchen all day, and my body felt it by the end of the night. But, it was worth it….my kids always love it.

  2. One of the main reasons I do a Menu Plan Monday blog is so that I have meals for the week! I figure it’s less painful to plan out 7 meals at once than have to come up with something on the fly. But tired of cooking? Yes…oh yes… 21 meals a week, plus snacks and desserts…

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