Easter Cake

My mother must have made Easter dessert before she got the lamb pan. Or maybe not. She might have decided the sugar overload from the Easter Baskets was sufficient. The Wilton Lamb Pan became a fixture at some point in the early 80s at our house. My mother would prepare a cake and bake it carefully in the lamb pan, decorate it with coconut and jelly beans and a bit of coconut she dyed green for the grass. I have no doubt these were cakewrecks. It seems to me that I might have even been creeped out by them as a child. I know the lamb pan was once in my possession but I don’t think it is any longer.

I was amused when 15-yo girl picked this Easter Cake out of a “Microwave Cooking-Holidays and Parties from Litton” cookbook. While missing the lamb pan, it does have the signature coconut and jelly beans. Of course, the reason for no lamb shape: the recipe is cooked in the microwave.  Ack!

I wonder if this cookbook came with my mother’s first microwave. It is dated 1981-so maybe. Oh, wait, I must have picked it up somewhere since Wanda L. Blackburn is inscribed in the cover.

I shall not proliferate the recipe. Suffice to say-cake mix-prepared as directed, microwaved 1 layer at a time. Frosted with “creamy frosting” made from butter and powdered sugar with a splash of vanilla and half and half. Please don’t try it at home. Microwaved cakes are just wrong. (unless you are desperate and PMSing and make a single serve chocolate one.)

If you want to know how to dye coconut; it is easy enough. mix a few drops of food coloring and 1/2 a teaspoon of water in a container or plastic bag-add a cup of coconut and shake.


  1. Maria Rodriguez says:

    I remember that lamb pan…it also kinda creeped me out. I made the Betty Crocker bunny one instead! : )

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