My First Tuna Casserole (Or Food Waste Free Tuna Casserole)

It seems unreal that I made my first Tuna Casserole tonight — but I think that is the case. I remember my ex making them. I know my older sister made them. My mother would NEVER make one. I don’t think I ever did before tonight.

Extreme Coupon Denise (man, every time I think that I want an action figure of Denise with her coupon-ing gear) has brought home tuna (and we had tuna in the house from some “Tarrant is in the mood for tuna salad (once) so let’s buy the cheaper option of 8 cans of solid white tuna.” Tarrant thoughts from before the launch of Extreme Coupon Denise (so that tuna is not Denise’s doing at all). The Denise tuna was free or better than free or whatever. I don’t get it. If you want to understand it–there is a whole series over here about extreme couponing. We also have a lot of pasta for the same reason.

So I have been threatening tuna casserole for a few weeks. Mama doesn’t eat tuna casserole. Denise doesn’t eat tuna casserole Tarrant doesn’t eat tuna casserole. My children don’t even like the WORD casserole.

I put it on the menu for the week thinking Friday, but realized today was better. Tomorrow is trash day and so I don’t get shamed for food waste–I decided I could hide all sorts of odds and ends in a casserole. Right? Right!

I then set about making it knowing really nothing of the making of tuna casserole other than remembered snippets of this and that. So here is what went into my tuna casserole.

First-I cooked 1/2 a bag of egg noodles in the microwave pasta boat thing I mocked at Christmas. Yeah, it is handy.

While that was cooking I grabbed odds and ends out of the fridge:

1/2 ear corn on the cob
leftover pico de gallo (about 3/4 cup)
7 mushrooms
3/4 red bell pepper
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
1 container minus 1 spoon of Santa Fe Philadelphia Cooking Creme
4 boiled fingerling yukon potatoes
end of a package of shredded cheddar (probably 2/3 cup)

I chopped the mushrooms, bell pepper and potatoes. I cut the corn off the cob. I mixed all of that together except the shredded cheese. I drained the now cooked pasta and two of the cans of tuna. Mixed with vegetables/Philadelphia Cooking Creme blend. Then tossed the shredded cheddar on top. Baked at 350 until cheese melted/heated through.

Mama asked for seconds. I liked it. Denise said it was ok. Seems like a win. I forgot to serve the dilled green beans with it though darn it.


  1. All it needs is crushed chips on top. Every tuna casserole must, it’s just the law. And Extreme Coupon Denise SCARES ME. She does. I’ve been watching and I can’t lie. SHE SCARES ME.

  2. I want an Extreme Couponing Denise Action figure! My mom loved casseroles. She was a horrible cook but so was her mother. Mom’s motto was – a can of cream of something soup, some form of meat, noodles or rice and voila, you have a meal. Tossing in green peas or corn was optional. Cheese was optional too.

  3. OK wait. Since I became Extreme Couponing Denise, we have purchases two cans of tuna. TWO. We bought that tuna because it was .10 a can. And because TW occasionally buys tuna and has led me to believe that both she and her mother (and at least one of her children) like tuna sandwiches.

    So yes, we do indeed have some tuna. I, however, am only responsible for two inexpensive cans and we COULD donate those to the food bank. Nobody forced her to make tuna casserole, ya know.

    However, this particular tuna casserole wasn’t half bad — considering I do not eat tuna (except at the Gelato restaurant in Gainesville). There was not much tuna but a whole lot of other yummy stuff in there.

    So… good recipe. Y’all should try it. Particularly if it will prevent food waste. And if you can get tuna for .10 a can.

  4. Can Extreme Coupon Denise get CHIPS for .10 a bag? The crunch on top is key. I am firm on this. I am not budging.

  5. We have a ton of chip crumbs and I was going to add them but I was afraid the casserole would overflow.

    Free chips happen.

  6. There would probably be MORE chips but we don’t want to go down the road of having too much junk food to lead us away from moderation.

  7. and I will totally rat you out to the First Lady if THAT happens

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