Shrimp Newburg in Popovers

My mother makes fabulous Seafood Newburg. I remember the first time I ran across it was when my sister had a party of some sort when living in Cape St. Clair. I can picture the crockpot on the table still. I have no idea what the party was for…perhaps my niece’s birthday? A housewarming? No idea.

I had an allergy to some seafood as a child–most notably crab which would turn me a strange shade of purple–mostly my chin. This wasn’t necessarily a problem growing up in my house–my father wouldn’t touch seafood. It was a problem growing up in Maryland. Hello. Maryland Blue Crabs. (which I still dream of from time to time)

I would venture a cup of cream of crab soup with sherry at The Oxbow from time to time. I had more than my share of Maryland Steamed Crabs every so often. So what if I wheezed and turned purple? (ah the indestructibility of youth)

This recipe is certainly NOT my mother’s recipe and it has shrimp which never seemed to trouble my allergies. It also has something I adore…popovers. In my mind the Treaty of Paris restaurant is notable for one thing: popovers. I could have eaten baskets and baskets of them. I still probably could.

All that said–this recipe won’t help you much if you want to make a good shrimp Newburg. It calls for you to have made the popovers. Of course, you can find a popover recipe. It calls for canned Newburg sauce which is surely an atrocity, if it is even still available. It calls for canned shrimp. So, it is a quick recipe but not one that is going to make you realize the wonder that is Shrimp Newburg. It definitely won’t be my mother’s recipe.


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