Baked Artichoke-Tomato Delight

I am not an artichoke fan. They are ok, but still go in that category of “weird foods I didn’t eat as a child.” The rest of my family however loves them.

I do indulge them from time to time. This one uses canned artichokes so is super easy. We will have to wait for summer to have it here, but I know those of you in the south will have lovely tomatoes soon.

Baked Artichoke-Tomato Delight

12 large tomatoes
7 cups day-old bread cubes
3 sticks butter
2 cups chopped onion (this is a bit much–unless you love onion)
2 cans artichoke bottoms
salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 350. Remove seeds from tomatoes. Scoop out pulp and drain tomatoes on paper towels. Saute the dry bread cubes and onions in butter. Cut artichoke bottoms in 1/2 inch cubes and add to pan. Season with salt and pepper, adding more melted butter if necessary. Fill hollow tomatoes with mixture, being careful not to pack it too firmly. Bake 30 minutes.


  1. I really really like artichokes. A lot. Are you sure we have to wait to have this? Because yummy! I think some sort of cheese should be added.

  2. Note the dozen large tomatoes. Unless you have a coupon and a secret source for tomatoes–yes, it must wait until summer. Anemic tomatoes at 2.00 each will not be appropriate.

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