A flashback courtesy of me beta testing something five years ago

As I write this, it is National Pancake Day. (February 28,
2006) We (Denise, Michelle, and I) went to IHOP to celebrate
with their free short stack of pancakes.

I am not really writing about that though. I am writing
about pancakes. You see, I love pancakes. I really do. I am
not sure I LOVE to eat them, but as they are a bread with
butter and something sweet, I really don’t usually turn them

I am NOT a syrup fan. In fact, syrup has never been on my
list of favorite flavors; not even the butter pecan kind at
IHOP, the syrup I like best.

My mother, despite being a fabulous cook, did NOT make good
pancakes. They were often burned or flipped too early or
under done on the inside. Not an auspicious beginning for
pancake love.

There was a pancake house in an old mill house looking thing
in Annapolis on the way to the bay bridge that I really
liked, with silver dollar pancakes and multitudes of
flavored syrups. I think we only went a few times though. My
family wasn’t big on eating out when we were very young.
Full of kitschy stuff that engages a child, like the cow
shaped milk pitchers, it was a place to build fond pancake
memories. If it had stayed longer or we had eaten out more,
then that probably would have been the case.

My pancake love came from a book. This children’s book,
title forgotten and I try to find it every so often in
vintage children book lands, but can’t find the right one. I
find others about kids and pancakes but not this one. This
book told the story of a child, maybe two siblings who built
a pancake machine that went out of control. It talked about
eating millions and millions of pancakes. The whole book
created this incredible orgy of a food consumption utopia. I
read it over and over again in the days when reading truly
didn’t seem like something for me. Maybe pancake magic
brought book and reading magic into my life…maybe
not…but I know that I think of the book when I eat
pancakes, share the magic of them with my children and when
I choose breakfast.


  1. I absolutely love pancakes. They are good for all three meals. I enjoy them with fresh fruit on top, like strawberries.

  2. I love pancakes too…I think I’ll make some this weekend, it’s been a while. I miss syrup right now because they don’t have any decent syrup in Germany. They try to sell something that is supposed to be from Canada but it tastes terrible, neither like real maple syrup nor fake Aunt J. So now I only make them when we have fresh berries to put inside, this is probably more healthy anyway.

  3. Sorry about the syrup situation in Germany. That seems odd–the German community in Chicago certainly does maple syrup. Have you tried to find some at a place catering to expats? Military commissary?

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