Love is Cheesey

For the Super Bowl, we planned a green cheese ball. Looking at the recipes for the Green Balls and Green Cheese Ball — I got mixed up with the ingredients and the grocery list reflected that.

The morning of the Super Bowl, Rebecca offered to help. I pulled up the recipe and realized my mistake. So, we combined the two recipes- 4 oz of grated swiss, 4 oz softened cream cheese, a container of crumbled blue cheese. She mixed it and made it into a ball, then rolled in fresh parsley. It wasn’t the recipe for either–but it came out fantastic.

More fantastic: You can shape it into a heart instead of a ball and roll in dried cranberries or smoked paprika. Then you have a loving and delicious way to express your love for Valentine’s Day or any other anniversary. Think of the romance: heart shaped cheese, a cheese knife (or if you live in this house, a table knife), some crackers or nice bread. Cheese and bread=instant romance. Try it.


  1. Well I haven’t tried the green ball but this sounds good to me. I like cranberries. What would it be like with pomegranate seeds? We have some in the freezer.

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