Hog in the Wheat Sandwich

The Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears this coming weekend. I have a fondness for the Packers from the time I lived in Wisconsin. They play in a small city, outside, in cold weather. I like that in a team.

Alas, I live in Illinois now, not only Illinois but a suburb of Chicago. Da Bears have leaked into my consciousness in a big way. So, in honor of this historic game I decided to find out what we really eat or well…ate in Illinois. Italian Beef, Chicago Dogs, Chicago-style pizza, and pepper and egg sandwiches would have been my big guesses.

But, according to America Cooks–Favorite Recipes from the 48 states by THE BROWNS (yes, that’s how it is put) (no date on this cookbook but no later than 1958 I would guess) Chicago being the Hog Butcher of the World means that in addition to pigs feet–you might enjoy a Hog in the Wheat Sandwich. A bit like a pig in a blanket–but I must confess that since I have lived here no chutney or chow chow has been offered up with anything hot dog like. (or ketchup–friends don’t let friends put ketchup on a hot dog)

Hog in the Wheat Sandwich

Roll link sausages or frankfurters in a thin case of biscuit dough, set on baking sheet, brush with egg wash and bake. Serve on lettuce with chutney if link sausage is used; chow chow or mustard sauce for frankfurters.
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