Meal Plan Monday

I started the pantry challenge sort of this week. Sort of because once at the store they had a few deals that we couldn’t pass up. (39 cent muffin mix for example) All we really bought for this week was 2 avocados, hamburger buns, milk, and a loaf of bread.

Meal Plan for the Week
Saturday-Veggie burgers and onion rings (we had a box of the beer battered Alexia ones in the freezer–super popular and will buy again)
Sunday-Orange raisin curried couscous (from last week’s menu that didn’t get eaten) Again very popular. I added garbanzo beans and it turned out very well.
Tuesday-Primavera Veggies over rice (another skipped meal from last week) Maybe Waffles Primavera instead.
Wednesday-Macaroni and Cheese
Thursday-Pork Roast ala Crock Pot (exact prep not yet determined but it will make a nice Thursday meal because of busy afternoon pick ups.)

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