Grocery Store

As I head into the weekend, I start to think about what I absolutely need at the grocery store. Black tea bags are on the endangered grocery list right now. I can’t think what else we are out of and will need other than milk.
What about you? What groceries do you NEED to get this week?


  1. I just went to the grocery store and only bought milk and creamer. I can’t drink black coffee and I NEED coffee!

  2. We’ll need milk and vegetables. I’m not sure what else yet.

  3. BREAD.

  4. Honestly, living alone has made my shopping trips much less frequent and much easier. Milk, bread, cheese, lunch meat, tea, etc. I always keep certain diet pops in the house for my kids and maybe a few other things I know they like; but it’s such a different existence for me….even since Joel passed. My kitchen was stuffed with all kinds of food and goodies during the holidays; and now I’m still trying to use everything up. That’s how I remember it always being when the kids were home.

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