Fancy Fries

This find gave me some serious giggles. I long ago grew out of thinking frozen French Fries were the best thing that ever happened to a potato. Actually, I am not sure I ever believed it. Now I just find them frightening in a way.

This, of course, is an alternate reality thought–only the kind you make at home are frightening. I will pretend the crinkle cuts at Booby’s are never frozen before fried and accompanied by Merkt’s cheese sauce or dipped in the “best barbecue sauce in the world” (also from Booby’s) according to youngest child

I am surprised that mayonnaise didn’t make the list or aioli as the current trend has it called on so many menus. Hollandaise did though. This puzzles me a bit…”Oh I have some frozen fries in the oven, let me whip up a bit of Hollandaise! The Joneses will find that so FANCY!”

I suggest instead you use these suggestions (except for the ketchup and tartar sauce) as ideas for baked potato toppings. Though, once upon a time there was a Baked Potato RESTAURANT in Harborplace in Baltimore. It allowed you to customize your potato to your heart’s content. My favorite? Freshly grated horseradish and sour cream, maybe a bit of cheese. I still think it was one of the best restaurant concepts ever.

Picture originally found in Easy Ways to Delicious Meals, 1968


  1. There’s a vendor at our farmers market that kind of does that with baked potatoes. I don’t think they have horseradish though.

  2. Horseradish! It goes with EVERYTHING! Might even mask the chemical taste of those frozen fries? Did they have Hollandaise in a packet back then? I can’t remember.

    : )

  3. No idea. Likely–it was the fate of many things at that point. I have never used packet Hollandaise though.

  4. A long time ago, when the world and I were both young, there was an entire chain of baked potato restaurants in the UK, called Spud-u-Like. The range of toppings wasn’t huge, maybe a dozen or so, but the price was comparable to getting lunch at a burger place and far more nutritious and satisfying. Apparently that wasn’t what the majority wanted though, because all the branches I knew of disappeared so I guess they went out of business.

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