Vegan Report

So, some of you may wonder what happened with my “Very Vegan Menu Plan” since I stopped updating day 3. Well, after Day Three, I had a bit of vegan meltdown. We did have veggie burgers, vegan kebabs, burritos, pizza, Vegan Eggs Benedict, Vegan Red Hot Jello, vegan green bean casserole (a total win) a Tofurkey that was stuffed (and really, quite tasty), Chili Mac, and the creamy chickpea salad. All were pretty yummy. The vegan chili mac–too spicy but my fault entirely. No snickerdoodles vegan or otherwise were made. The other vegan cookies were a huge hit.

Denise actually cooked ALL of Christmas Dinner…except the pumpkin pie–made by RJ. After a much needed nap, I spent a good part of the afternoon with my mother, the big kids and Joseph at the nursing home visiting my sister.

Child went home impressed with the effort though a few vegan mistakes were made. Vegan Eggs Benedict was made entirely vegan (even though vegan Canadian bacon was nowhere to be found so we subbed vegan “bacon” which vegetarian boy said was even better than the vegan Canadian Bacon) but as she finished her last bite, she asked if I had used the special English Muffins. Special? Uh there was only one type so…no, there were special ones that were elsewhere. Oops. I wanted to weep a bit because I had already fussed and muffed and covered up a muff with the vegan holiday sauce. (I had used the vanilla soy instead of unflavored so had to add salt to balance it out) There was whey hidden in one of the v*g products we picked up at Trader Joe’s. Then on NYE-she did the unthinkable–she ate a piece of fried cheese. hmph.


1. Nutritional Yeast impossible to find except the icky kind in the Whole Foods bulk spice section.


3. Remembering that I get cranky without processed carbs and milk protein. (Leading me to wail at one point when Denise came home from the store “what do you mean you didn’t buy bread????” Surrounded by food in the house, I was starving. Yeah, I know, my choice and dumb but sigh.

4. Quinoa flakes-impossible to find. Do they even exist?

5. What WAS I thinking planning a lasagna three days from Christmas and a few hours after picking up boy from the airport?

6. Kale goes bad.

7. Jimmy John’s was called one night.


  1. Sockmouth says:

    I’m chuckling, but thinking you deserve a gold star and possibly angel wings too. Very good effort.

  2. I think you did very well and I’m sure she appreciated the effort.

  3. Excuse me. Nobody commented on the fact that I MADE CHRISTMAS DINNER. Hello. Did you not see that?

    Also, the vegan chili mac was not too spicy – she just made 80 gallons of it and who the hell wants to eat that over and over again particularly when there are leftovers of three other vegan meals in the fridge, too? Michelle and I ate quite a bit of vegan chili mac and we liked it.

    The English muffin thing, hahahaha – Michelle and I should take responsibility for that since we did the shopping and we’re the ones who noticed that the normal kind was not vegan. And knowing what Christmas morning is like, one of us should have pointed out the TWO different kinds of English muffins are there for a reason.

  4. You missed a whole paragraph.

  5. No I didn’t – I was talking to the people who commented BEFORE ME.

  6. I saw it…I saw every word Denise. YOU cooked Xmas dinner! I am proud and honored to have read that. Hey, I don’t think I ever remember reading that you cooked a full dinner like that….Cheers to you. I mean it….from someone who’s cooking less and less these days. ~Joy

  7. HI! Congratulations in all your efforts to cook a vegan dinner. Fyi… Quinoa flakes are typically located in the cereal section but across the aisle. As for nutritional yeast, Whole Foods brand also carries it in a round tin in the supplement section. That said, I recommend Red Star which is considered the best and highly fortified with vitamin B including B12. You can also find this at Whole Foods or order it online. Well worth the effort.

    Marian Morgan / MiamiVegan

  8. Thanks for the tip about the quinoa flakes. I didn’t think to check there.

    Our Whole Foods claimed to not carry any nutritional yeast except the bulk type. I have found the nutritional yeast thing odd because I could find it everywhere when I lived in Florida–not a place with a ton of options when it comes to finding ingredients.

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