Circus Soup

One of my children wants to run away and join the circus when she grows up. Literally. She takes circus art classes where your more traditional child takes dance or plays on a soccer team.

Circus Soup should appeal right? It is as “colorful as a carnival.” You top it with POPCORN! Circus girl loves popcorn despite her braces.

Hmmm nothing incredibly horrid about it except for the sodium I suppose. Nothing particularly redeeming either. Well, nothing redeeming except the fact that it DOES use up that 1/2 cup of lima beans from the night before and two strips of leftover bacon. (and of course, popcorn)

Circus Soup

1 can condensed turkey vegetable soup (is this even still available?)
1 soup can water
1/2 cup cooked lima beans
2 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled

Combine soup, water and beans. Heat; stir now and then. Top each serving with bacon. Garnish with popcorn. 2-3 servings.

From Campbell’s Easy Ways to Delicious Meals, 1968


  1. What is this ‘leftover bacon’ of which you speak?

  2. Leftover bacon: the two-three slices you have leftover after overestimating the amount the bacon eating family members will eat at one sitting. This happens frequently when you feed Denise and Rebecca as part of breakfast.

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