Happy New Year

Happy 2011 everyone!

We had the traditional pork roast, hoppin John, greens and deviled eggs tonight.

It has been a very laid back week since Christmas. I have had the plague, compounded by Crohn’s issues. (I can’t seem to just get a cold–it all eventually goes sour. We had a couple of “small adventure” outings, my fuzzy head and achy gut included.

I hope to be better soon and can’t wait for a fresh year of blogging.


  1. Feel better soon!

    I made sauerkraut (Polish w/ caraway seeds), pork and mashed potatoes on New Year’s Eve. And I made haluski and homemade pierogies for New Year’s Day. I need to get back into the swing of homemade pierogies. My dough was too heavy.

  2. Thanks! I am starting to feel a wee bit better but now am having coughing fits. Oh well, it is better than miserable!

    We got some frozen cherry pierogies the other day. I should cook them up this week.

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