Kitchen Gifts

Here are the kitchen related gifts I got as gifts:

12-Speed Mixmaster (yay! Freed from the tyrany of the KitchenAid)
Quilted potholders-made by Sockmouth and beautiful
Mary Poppins in the Kitchen
Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold
Microwave Pasta Boat Cooker


  1. Tell me what you think of your Soda Stream!

  2. My library does not have Mary Poppins in the Kitchen. HMPH!

  3. I love, love, love my Soda Stream. I make soda water every day and it has greatly increased my water consumption. It has also dramatically decreased my wine consumption as I tend to make tons of spritzers throughout the evening (I call it wine flavored water, my doctor calls it a cougar πŸ™‚

    It sounds like you had a great holiday and some thoughtful gift givers.

  4. I really like the sodastream water – so far we haven’t added any flavors because the non-thoughtful gifter gave her lemon-lime soda flavoring which she says will make sprite and sprite makes her barf… So… yea. (Hanging my head in shame, sort of.)

  5. I am loving the sodastream. The flavors don’t do it for me. The lemon lime problem mentioned, the cola has splenda in it which I avoid and the new naturals are…not impressive.

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