Vegan Day 2

Michelle eventually woke up and ate the Mock Chicken Salad and was super touched and pleased.

Day Two-
Mama and Denise polished off the Mock Chicken Salad for lunch before Michelle got a chance at it. She satisfied herself with more fake corn dogs. She also has written it on the whiteboard for our next grocery run. LOL.

I made vegan chex mix–more on that in another post.

For dinner I made the Penne with pesto and sundried tomatoes but failed to follow directions. I had non-jarred sun dried tomatoes. I didn’t have the flat leaf parsley. I used some dried but why bother really? I tossed everything in the chopper/grinder thing except the chopped fresh tomato. I left the salt out–letting people salt at table. For my mother and the non vegan among us, I got out the crumbled feta.

The black olive pesto was ugly but tasty. Everyone enjoyed it quite a bit. Day 2 went pretty good.

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