Quinoa with Black Beans-Vegan Day Three

Quinoa with black beans was the main dish for dinner tonight in the third day of vegan visit.

I don’t know what she had for breakfast other than a filthy soy chai. (a soy chai with two shots of espresso on top) I think cereal. For lunch, we were running errands, so stopped at Sweet Dreams Organic Bakery. Michelle had the Portabello Sandwich and wasn’t overwhelmingly impressed. (but we have had many a fine meal there–ok, a half dozen since moving here 2 1/2 years ago)

Not overly impressed is the meal word of the day. The quinoa with black beans was good but a bit bland. It needed more spice I think. I used more vegetable broth than called for because I worried about it burning when I added the corn and again when adding the cilantro and black beans. I wanted the dish to get truly hot and letting it be dry is a recipe for burning disaster in my kitchen.

In other vegan news–the vegan Chex Mix was steadily munched on today.

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