Vegan Day One

We stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way home for flat parsley, lettuce, vegan mayo, vegan bacon, nutritional yeast, vegan jello. They had none of the above. Really.

We did walk out with Tofurkey (cringe) and vegan corn dogs (which Denise laughed at) and I don’t know what else. Not much.

Kid comes in door and fixes corn dogs. LOL. (This mommy knows her kid.) She then wandered, went through the cupboards, and said, “I am going to take a nap, wake me for dinner.”

I went to WF. I got vegan mayo, nutritional yeast, vegan bacon, a vegan chocolate bar thing, lettuce and a loaf of on sale sourdough. The parsley was in the cart but VANISHED before checkout and I couldn’t deal with going back through dinner hour WF again for it. So I left without it.

I came home and made the curried mock chicken salad, tried to wake kid. No dice.

However, Mama, Denise and I enjoyed it quite a bit.


  1. curried mock chicken salad means it has vegan mayo, right? probably? i’m not sure i could eat it?!? because i don’t like mayo in any form. even vegan! but maybe i could sort out a way to make it without mayo? and then, well, is it really chicken salad? i’m such a pain in the ass.

    i’m proud of you!! even without the vegan you stuck to the vegan menu. well done!

  2. Yes with the vegan mayo (which was much more mayo like than the last time I bought vegan mayo.)

    No, it is FAKE vegan chikn salad. I have made a chicken salad with a vinaigrette type of thing in the past. Or you could do a thinned vegan cream cheese perhaps? I do pesto mock chick salad as well.

    Girl finally woke up and ate and got teary about how good it was.

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