Cookie Plan 2010

Here is the cookie plan we have worked out for this year with input from kids and mama:

Snowballs- RJ made over weekend

Vegan Jim bars

Non vegan Jim bars

Vegan mint sugar cookies (still looking for the right recipe for these)

Denise mint sugar cookies

49er bars

Vegan snickerdoodles (anyone with a different version that they like?)


Peanut butter blossoms-(aka Hershey Kiss Peanut Butter Cookies) – RJ made over weekend

Cherry bonbons-RJ made over weekend

Coffee bonbons-Joe’s choice

Chocolate crinkles-E will make as she is the one who likes them

Chewy chocolate chocolate chip cookies (vegan cookies E made last year and are fantastic)

Marshmallow Puffs-Which Liz claims to hate and never has chosen but I have her lists from the past years and she ALWAYS chooses them so I thought she had again this year. You may have seen video of her making these on Saturday.

Also, one pan of fudge and maybe Michelle will  make her vegan fudge.

I might cave and do gingerbread just because of the romance.


  1. I’m considering gingerbread men (sans cinnamon) as well, just for the fun of it all.

    The mint sugar cookies were a huge hit with the boys.

  2. You know I have never eaten a mint sugar cookie in all my Denise years?

  3. We did peanut butter blossoms, along with peanut butter cookies with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in them (whatever they are called – other than GOOD), sugar cookies (officially called Quick Mix Spritz) with almond extract in the dough and the frosting, Almond Glazed Sugar Cookies (again with the almond extract) and Jan Hagels (from <a href =""here). Basically, if you are nut allergic, don’t come to my house expecting cookies that you can eat. If you like almond flavoring, WELCOME! And maybe as the years go on, we’ll branch out a little from all almond, all the time.

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