My Very Vegan Menu Plan

Michelle gets home Wednesday! Yay! (Never mind that this isn’t a home she has ever lived in for more than a couple of weeks, it has her mommies and she is our baby and that means she is home)

Last time she was home, she decided to become a vegan. (After Culver’s and other non-veg meals) She’s stuck with it or so she says.

She is starting a big positive change in her life while here this time, so, I thought I would yes be supportive in one way and not provide just enough vegan food for her to scrounge. In the past, I have ensured a v*g wouldn’t starve, but no PLANS. I also think it will be good for us as a family to get rid of a lot of the meat dependence we have fallen into since moving north.

My carnivore child may go into total rebellion. She’s 12 so, at “that age” anyway. She said she would stock up on jerky or something before coming over. Boy child might be creeped out by the change in food schedule, but he handles that better, misses her and thus is more tolerant. So below is the plan through the end of the month.

Forgive the lazy formatting and thank you to the vegan kitchen (and if anyone has suggestions for meals-let me know)

Sat -Meatloaf (an RJ and Mama favorite they both ask for often but no one else really loves it)

Sun-Cabbage rolls (Again an RJ and Mama favorite they both ask for often but no one else really loves it)



Wed (15th) Michelle here-mock chicken salad (substituting vegan mayo)

Thu (16th)-Penne with pesto and sundried tomatoes (based on that recipe)

Fri (17th)-Quinoa with black beans

Sat (18th)- Veggie burgers

Sun (19th)-vegetable pot pie

Mon (20th) (Monday Night Dinner) Shish kebabs (vegan for Michelle, with chicken for kids/mama)

Tue (21st) vegetable stew for Michelle and Mama.

Wed (22nd) Chris here Polenta Lasagna with Portabellas and Kale

Thu (23rd) Little Kids here – Burritos (vegan, veggie)

Fri (24th) Pizza

Sat (25th) Eggs Benedict, ham or beef, red hot jello (vegan and non-vegan), vegan green bean casserole, Easy Macaroni and Cheez , surprisingly good salad , vegan stuffing, rolls (crescent? Death? Biscuits?), ambrosia?, pumpkin pie

Sun (26th) Leftovers

Mon (27th)(Chris leaves) Thanksgiving Meatless Loaf

Tue (28th) Little Kids leave, Chili Mac

Wed (29th) creamy chickpea salad

Thu (30th) leftovers

Fri (31st) Party food! (these sound yummy: Phyllo Tempeh Reubens )

Jan 1 Pork roast (very small), greens, hopping john, deviled eggs

Other Food Items

Mock BLTs for Michelle

vegan Chex Mix


steel cut oatmeal in rice steamer


sweet tea

feel better tea


  1. Your menu looks great to me, and I’m honored that you chose some of my recipes for it. (I’m going to check out those phyllo tempeh reubens–thanks for the link.) Hope you have a happy holiday!

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