On to Dreams…some involving a kitchen…

Now that I have bemoaned my state of computer sadness, I shall regale you with the dream computer set up of my life. Why? Because I had insomnia last night caused by you know–the STRESS.

So here you go, in my dream house–my dream computer set up would be:

T1 connection or FASTER and never down–also WIFI with no dead spots.

Me: Desktop with dual monitors (and I have had my eyes on an HP Touchsmart for years to match the “God Printer” though ok, I really would like one of those cool Alienware computers.) In any case, I want it smart, fast, capable and did I say SMART?

Said desktop would magically sync with every other computer I own–because I will also need a laptop (for travel, bedroom, and living room use). Said laptop would have the toughness of a toughbook the speed of lightning, and the weight of an Apple Air.   Then a slate NOT an iPad–something as cool as an iPad but you know not Apple and not tiny-but useful for things that iPads are good for and for flash stuff and general cool geekiness. Also, a netbook, because they are cute and handy in a pinch and work really well when you are say stuck at your mother’s bedside or in a doctor’s office.

Household would have an army of matching tablets for children, customized for personalities (gaming and social for 17, writing and author crushing for 15 yo, and drawing/art for 12) All kid computers will come with automatic shutdown periods, impervious locks on non-school related applications when child has homework due, and cords that do not detach and lurk like serpents all around the house.

Also, one for my mother–large keys, large screen, yet manageable, and not too scary for her to use on her own, so she could use “Facepage, classmates.com” and email.  Sort of a “Cricket” version of the Internet.

Denise: A computer with dual monitors, also magically synched with a laptop. She has yet to experience dual monitor love, but she really ought to–it would make her life so much better.

A kitchen computer built into the cabinet over food prep area–impervious to splats, spills, falling stuff, etc–to look at recipes while cooking.

A kitchen computer that scans food items–suggests meals and tracks grocery list items.  A built in food thermometer and timer would be good here too. If it can be taught to scold or set off an alarm if off-limits items are being taken by the wrong party–totally there.  (e.g. the leftover rice or noodles planned for another meal, excessive amounts of milk consumption or peanut butter, etc. )

I think that’s it…unless you want me to daydream about Rosie, automatic medication dispensers, a tv that shows just the right things to the right person at the right time and volume, and such.

Ah the stuff of daydreams! (or insomnia and typing on a tiny computer while waiting for your real computer to feel better)

Did I miss anything? What is your dream computer life or do you already have it?

Sorry again for no real recipe because I have no way to get a pic into a post–well no way to get a pic of mine into a post without crazy-makingness.


  1. At this point I’d be happy with a kitchen that isn’t from 1970, never mind a computer in it.

  2. Yes, well, notice I said dream home. We won’t discuss the decade my kitchen is from or the miniature dishwasher.

  3. Do not fantasize about computers for me, please. I do not trust you to pick out a machine. kthxbai.

  4. Ok, but really I just fantasized monitors for you.

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