Feel Better Tea

Over the weekend, the cry went up from 15-year-old girl child that she needed feel better tea. Her siblings concurred, not because they are sick, they just like it. I made three huge pots of it on Sunday. By Sunday night, the sick girl child was nearly all better and downright perky. We loathe her right now for that because by Sunday night, boy child was starting to get sniffly, yesterday Denise got downright sick with the exact same whine as 15yo (ears, head, throat, nose) and by last night, I started to feel funky myself.

I had given the rest of the oranges to my sister and used all the OJ over the weekend. We had used the carton orange juice over the weekend since I had bought it for the cranberry orange bread. We stopped and got more supplies today.

Now we are drinking feel better tea and hoping it helps, soon. I keep adding water and it is about time to re-sugar, add fresh fruit, cloves, and cinnamon.


  1. Of course Feel Better Tea would have cinnamon. 🙁 Sad Jenna.

  2. Yum….I love ‘feel better tea.’ I feel better just reading about it. When I come over to visit will you make me some? Do I have to be sniffly to get some? If I do, I’ll need to work on that ahead of time. Thank you Tarrant.

  3. I am sipping my first cup right now, and I do feel better! I didn’t add any sugar, but I can see how it would take the little bite out of the pineapple juice. As I was shopping for the ingredients tonight I remembered that my mom made an instant version of this with instant tea, Tang, and ground cloves and cinnamon. It tasted similar, but certainly didn’t have the healing properties of the juice.

  4. Yay for feeling better. I am glad it helped. The sugar helps if you just use black tea or non naturally sweet herbal teas or combo of those and black.

    It also helps keep some calories flowing even if you can’t eat.

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