Post Thanksgiving Meal Plan

You mean I have to cook more? Like this week? It seems like all I did was cook over the weekend. Not saying I didn’t love it and love making everyone happy, but geez. I think Denise has fizzled on being clean up crew too.

Saturday we had…Pork Chops with lemon herb seasoning
Sunday we had BBQ Flank Steak
Monday-guessing drive through at this point–Mama pick up this evening, busy work day, kitchen still needs attention and I feel meh.
Tuesday-Curried tofu salad (err mock chicken salad), fingerling potatoes, sweet potato (we have a giant one we haven’t used from our produce box)
Wed-Cabbage Stir Fry
Thu-Frittata with portabello mushrooms or portabello wraps
Fri-Macaroni and Cheese


  1. I do not like sweet potatoes. You and your mother can eat that. Also, I’m sick. I need feel better tea but first someone needs to clean out the pot of last weekend’s batch. Add feel better tea to the menu. Please.

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